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As a business owner, delegating tasks and jobs to team members and employees is important. Teamwork plays a vital role in running a business efficiently. For a business owner, there are a lot of factors in your business to take into account, such as payroll, bookkeeping services, and accounting services.   

It stands to reason that while managing your finances and ensuring proper compensation for your employees are part of the business owner’s job description, it still takes a large portion of your time—the time that you could delegate to other important administrative tasks. 

Payroll Services

Payroll administration can be time-consuming and divert your attention away from your company’s core activities. Payroll services in Australia and employment law are expanding and becoming more complex. Therefore, you will need all the help you can get from professional accounting firms.

OUTRUN can provide you with a comprehensive and confidential payroll service. 

Outrun Accountants are professional accountants and tax experts who help our client's businesses succeed. Our expert accountants can assist you with payroll services in Australia and help push your business to success.    

At Outrun Financial Services Group, we don’t just keep our clients’ businesses afloat; we strive to drive success in our clients’ businesses. We also help with accounting services in Australia and bookkeeping services in Australia. 

OUTRUN Accountants got your back!

OUTRUN Accountants & Tax Professionals provides payroll services in Australia that are ethical, innovative, proactive, and constructive. Because of our experience, we can provide some of the best tax advice. We focus on the best legal outcome for our clients, whether through preparing and filing tax returns or providing complex advice.  

Allow OUTRUN to relieve you of this burden. The personnel in your company in charge of the payroll system will then be free to pursue more productive activities.  

Contact us today at 1300 651 682 or make an online enquiry to arrange a time to pop in for your free* initial consultation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are payroll services in Australia for? Payroll services in Australia revolve around managing employee salaries and giving out payrolls. Outsourced accounts and in-house accountants provide payroll services for small and large-scale businesses. Payroll service involves curating the number of days employees work and computing with the cut-off periods. The employees' hourly and monthly wages are also taken into account depending on the terms of salary. 
  2. Are payroll services in Australia worth it? There are a lot of payroll services providers in Australia that offer some of these services:   - Advance payroll services   - Business payroll services  Outrun Accountants are professional accountants and tax experts who assist our clients in growing their businesses. Our expert accountants can help you with payroll services in Australia and propel your business forward.  
  3. Can I do payroll myself? Managing your business payroll is a task best delegated to your Human Resources department as they are more trained to track attendance and the number of days and hours an employee receives their wage. It is not that you can’t do payroll yourself; it is just that it is a complicated task that is best handled by an accountant specialising in payroll services in Australia. Delegating this task also saves room for you to work on more important administrative tasks.  
  4. How much do payroll services cost per month? On average, payroll services in Australia costs from $5 to $10 per pay slip per month. However, it is not a definite amount and would depend on the rates your outsourced accountant provides. To get an accurate quote on Outrun Accountant’s rates, get in touch with us for a free quote.  
  5. How does outsourcing payroll work? 

    OUTRUN Accountants & Tax Professionals offers ethical, innovative, proactive, and constructive payroll services in Australia. We can provide some of the best tax advice due to our experience. We strive to provide the best legal outcome for our clients, whether it is through the preparation and filing of tax returns or the provision of complex advice.