Wash your hands of cyber crime

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Criminals take any opportunity to steal valuable information from your business – such as your business, staff and client records. Anyone can fall victim and they target everyone and take advantage of situations which can make you vulnerable, including this year’s natural disasters and COVID-19.

However, a few simple steps can save you and your business from being the victim of identity crime:

  • Create unique passwords which are difficult for others to guess, and change them regularly.
  • Never share your passwords with anyone.
  • Use multi-factor identification where possible, such as using SMS codes as your sign-in option for myGov.
  • Keep your business and personal software up-to-date, and run regular checks on your hardware to ensure you don’t have viruses or spam.
  • Regularly review staff accesses, and remove any that are no longer needed.
  • Always exercise caution when clicking on links or downloading attachments. If something doesn’t seem right – don’t risk it.

Ensure you have internal controls

You can protect your business and employees by:

  • performing background checks on new employees
  • restricting new employees’ access to systems and credentials
  • being able to track employees’ actions when dealing with sensitive and personal information.

Complete our online security self-assessment

As a taxpayer you can play a big part in protecting your records, client information and your employee information and making sure it is safe online. We encourage you to remain vigilant, take precautions, address security, and uphold your client and business privacy by assessing your online practices at least quarterly.

You can use ATO’s online security self-assessment questionnaire to:

  • identify areas where you can improve your online practices and processes
  • understand and identify your established online security measures
  • get more information and resources to help improve your online security measures.

The questionnaire is voluntary and anonymous – ATO don’t record any of your personal information.

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Online security self-assessment questionnaire