Business Valuations

Every business sold or purchased is different and it requires an expert to determine the value of a business and to unearth the pitfalls in the purchase or sale. OUTRUN has prepared numerous business valuations and saved clients thousands of dollars when purchasing or selling their business.

While we cannot guarantee to find all the problems hidden by a dishonest vendor, we have been very successful in finding many discrepancies and having the price reduced.

Our analysis and knowledge of business have also helped prepare a business for sale enabling the vendor to get more than their expected market price. Business valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to determine what a business is worth. While this sounds easy enough, getting your business valuation done right takes preparation and thought.

It is not easy to establish what a business is worth. That’s because business value means different things to different people.

A business owner may believe that the business connection to the community it serves is worth a lot. An investor may think that the business value is entirely defined by its historic income.

Economic conditions also affect what people believe a business is worth.

The circumstances of a business sale also affect the business value. There is a big difference between a business that is shown as part of a well-planned marketing effort to attract many interested buyers and a quick sale of business assets at an auction.