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Serving Penrith & Sydney’s West for more than twenty years - we put the pieces of the accounting jigsaw together
OUTRUN offers you a full accounting service. Our services range from the basic accounting to advanced management accounting and can be handled from a distance. We have no difficulty processing accounts for businesses that are in other states.  So even if you are in the outback or unable to come to our office we can look after you too! This is done via email, fax & phone to suit your requirements.

Starting a business

OUTRUN will set up your business and work with you to achieve your dreams. Having the right administration and accounting system will be the key of your success.

Annual Accounting
OUTRUN can help you do it yourself or use your own bookkeepers and then annually we can check and correct the accounts so they are technically right and match the BAS that you have lodged .
We then lodge amendments in the BAS if needed, check your account inside the ATO and complete your tax returns.

Monthly Accounting
OUTRUN specialises is saving time and money for small business operators by taking care of their regular accounting and compliance requirements. OUTRUN gives you the business information you need for up-to-the minute decision making.  In our words, you make the money and we will work with you to assist to retain most of what you have made, while the compliance is up to date.

Management Accounts - Budgets, Cash Flows and Forecasting
We believe it is essential for a growing company to know where it stands on a monthly basis. Business owners find it difficult to make sound decisions in the dark without having financial information readily available. OUTRUN can provide this essential feedback which is the necessary precursor for rapid growth.
OUTRUN can forecast and evaluate your company's financial condition, estimate financing requirements, and track cash-flow.  We will work with your financial and other institutions to facilitate progress.
We look forward to becoming your accounting partner!

Contact us today on 02 4722 6970 or make an online enquiry to arrange a time to pop in for your free* initial consultation.

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