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Outrun is committed to implementing and promoting a privacy policy, which will ensure the privacy and security of your personal information.

Our main purposes for collecting personal information is to provide related services and to update our records. At or before the time we collect personal information from you we will take reasonable steps to inform you why we are collecting that personal information, whom else we might disclose the information to and what may happen if you do not provide personal information to us.

In order to comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act, we are required to advise you that Outrun holds personal information about you. This information may include your name, contact details, age, insurance history or financial details.

We are required, pursuant to the Corporations Act and certain regulations issued by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, to collect information about you for the purposes of providing any of the services advertised by Outrun Financial Services Group.

We will from time to time disclose information about you to representatives of this firm and to other professionals in connection with any of the services offered by Outrun Financial Services Group. At no time will your personal or financial information will be discussed with, or disclosed to, anyone whom you refer to us.
Please note, in certain circumstances we may be required under law to disclose relevant information. In the event we consider it necessary to use or disclose information about you for purposes other than those detailed above or related purposes, we will seek your consent.

We take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, loss or unauthorised access and modification. We will not retain information any longer than it is necessary, except to satisfy legal requirements.

If you do not provide us with the information requested by us, we may not be able to provide you with the services you require of us.

You are entitled to obtain access to the information which we hold about you and can do so by contacting your relevant advisor on (02) 4722 6970 at Outrun Financial Services Group located at 223-225 High Street, Penrith NSW 2750.

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