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Serving Penrith & Western Sydney for more than twenty years - we put the pieces of the accounting jigsaw together.

At OUTRUN we believe that nobody should overlook their accounts. Inadequate accounting can cause both administrative and taxation problems with severe penalties or even liquidity problems. Efficient bookkeeping and accounting can help you avoid problems with the ATO and are essential as a basis for all good business decision making.

So contact us, and OUTRUN will:

Help and advise you on the most appropriate records to be maintained
Advise you on the implementation of the systems selected
Assist you with the learning process by showing you how to operate the systems
Carry out reviews to ensure that your systems are operating satisfactorily for you
Maintain your records for you by utilizing our own staff
Put in place policies and strategies for growth

We match our level of accounting support with your current business needs - see Our Service Levels - from assisting you to set up simple accounting that you can then do yourself through bookkeeping up to and including sophistcated management accounts.

OUTRUN offers you a full accounting service. Our services range from the basics of Level 1 where we can teach you to do it yourself to the complex issues of benchmarking in Level 5 plus we also cover payroll for staff. We believe different people have different needs and our services are sufficiently versatile that we can match your requirements. Our goal is to make sure you are more than happy to continue using our services because you have received the accounting and advice you need.

We look forward to being of service...

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